“Face to face”

“Face to face”

από 21.11.2021
Theater Forms of Expressions, Athens

Maria Papalamprou and Thomas KIndinis,
present his timeless work Alexander Gelman

“Face to face”

Directed by: Giannis Diamantopoulos
Music: Dionysis Tsaknis
Starting date: November 21, 2021

A co-production of Robin4Arts with the theater “Morfes Ekfrasis”.

Performance days and hours: Friday 21.00, Saturday 21.00, Sunday 19.30

“They don’t pay me to be a husband and father,” Andrei resents, while Natasha replies, “To see you get out of your shiny car, play with your keys full of your ego, and walk as if you don’t you have no meaning in this world. I’m telling you very honestly Andrei, I could have killed you at that moment. “

Andrei Gladkov, a civil engineer, is an executive at one of the largest construction companies, while Natasha Gladkov works as a librarian. Through the conflicts of the couple, the bureaucratic and corrupt reality that surrounds them emerges, permeating every aspect of existence. Love ties are reduced to customer relationships, personal life is surrendered to professional development, dreams become nightmares and innocence is mutilated on the altar of ambition.

A man and a woman let their selfish ambitions irreparably hurt their child, facing each other in each other’s face, their most horrible truth.

What will be left after the disaster? What will remain alive in the ashes?

One can in one night find the answers to the values ​​of life, to find
the man within him, and save his soul?

The Russian writer Alexander Gelman, having the experience of Soviet technocracy and entanglement, depicts with intense realism the invasion of the economic sphere in personal life. His penetrating gaze makes his work extremely topical and critical, in the face of a reality that has lost all sensitivity. Gelman manages to create and address conflict of interest, in the smallest possible group, in the nuclear family.

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Author: Alexander Gelman

Translation: Papalamprou Maria

Directed by: Giannis Diamantopoulos

Set Design / Costumes: Precious Knife

Original Music: Dionysis Tsaknis

Lighting: Pericles Mathielis

Performance Photographer: Costas Mountrichas

Distribution: Thomas Kindinis, Maria Papalamprou