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12,13,14 / 5 / 2023
All over Athens !

Three days (May 12, 13, and 14) filled with music, joy, and smiles. Notes flooded parks, squares, sidewalks, museums, hospitals, conservatories, schools, and homes. Esteemed artists, rising stars, as well as piano students, took center stage at the events.

97 concerts took place, all tightly packed with people eager to experience something special. Many were those who created their own musical journey and attended multiple concerts, running from one point of the city to another, not wanting to miss a single note! Others, just passing by, stood in awe in front of the spectacle of a grand piano in the middle of the street and the sounds of exquisite melodies filling the space, drowning out the city’s noise.

The success of the house concerts was a pleasant surprise! Musicians opened their homes and played for whoever could fit in their living rooms, for a “small” audience that turned out to be quite large! Within breathing distance, pianists and audience members enjoyed the musical dialogue, having the opportunity after the concert to meet the artists up close and converse with them.

From the very first time, Piano City Athens demonstrated how thirsty the audience is for quality in their lives, how thirsty artists are for opportunities to showcase their work to the wider public, and how many talented musicians this country possesses.

The path has been opened, and the next Piano City is already preparing to capture the hearts of Athenians again and, why not, to travel to other cities in Greece.

The numbers are impressive:

32 public concerts
47 concerts in conservatories
18 house concerts
Approximately 7,700 people attended the festival
124 musicians participated
50 media publications
15,000 visits to the Piano City Athens website
1,621,196 impressions

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