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Love goes to the movies

13 & 14.02.2017
Pallas Theater, Athens

“Love goes to the movies”, a concept that was “born” by the team of Robin4Arts in order to enjoy unforgettable musical moments, taken from the most famous love stories on the big screen, such as “Love Story”, “Titanic”, “What it takes wind ”,“ West side story ”,“ Star Wars ”,“ Beyond Africa ”,“ Doctor Zhivago ”, framed with dance.

The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra gave us a program dedicated to love and affection. This important orchestra was accompanied by a dance spectacle with choreography by the distinguished choreographer Anna Athanasiadis.

Loud scenes with unsurpassed music and incredible choreography conveyed our horror through a passionate tango, a romantic waltz, a scene of jealousy on the Pallas stage. Two magical nights – anthem to the unsurpassed value of the masterpieces of film music that left no spectator unmoved.

The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra specializes in soundtracks.
They have recorded hundreds of musical compositions for Hollywood films as well as European and Asian cinema.