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Breaking Motzart

Technopolis, Athens

The explosive meeting of the classic with Breakdance!

Subversive and unpredictable, the Breakin ’Mozart show, after 100 sold-out appearances in Berlin with 60,000 spectators, aroused the audience of Athens and Thessaloniki.


The world champion breakdance team DDC, the Echo award-winning musician, conductor and opera director Christoph Hagel and the soprano Anna Krauja, joined their forces in a unique spectacle that captivated young and old, breaking the stereotypes in breakdance and classical music. Mozart was taken to the streets and met the … B-Boys!

The young dancers met Mozart’s challenge and combined breakdance with the music of the child from Vienna for the first time. Characteristic movements of Urban Dance were performed beautifully and with perfect timing, combining music, dance and acrobatics at a very high level.

Mozart’s work played live on the piano by Christoph Hagel, but also in orchestral versions with modern hip-hop arrangements and loud techno beats. And then … the unexpected meeting of classical music and street dance, left everyone with explosive impressions!