Robin4Arts and its management, with the experience of organizing and producing events for more than 25 years, can provide a full range of organization and production services for a high quality music event as well as full services for filming and recording the event for further commercial use.

Robin4Arts has the experienced staff, the right network, and the technical knowhow to handle even the most challenging projects. Our team of live event production professionals, works with you to ensure that you get the results you desire, time after time.

We operate a full event production service from concept to comple-tion, or just engage with clients on individual items within a project.

Our services include:

  • Budget Management & Control
  • Licensing Support (Personal and Premises Licenses, Temporary Event Notices)
  • Project Scheduling
  • Policy Documentation
  • Concept Design (Websites, Marketing and Promotional Material)
  • Event Site Facilities
  • Event Production Management
  • Site Management

More specific:


Venue booking


Technical support 

  • Set Design & Build
  • Technical Equipment & Production  (Audio Light, Stage, Backline)
  • Stage Management
  • Backstage Management
  • Logistics and Operations
  • Catering
  • VIP area with VIP services

Travel and Hospitality services 

  • Booking and organization of all international and local transportation
  • Hotel booking
  • Escorting
  • Catering

All hospitality services are provided within the artist needs and rider. Our team has the experience to fullfill even the most „difficult“ requirements.


Organization of the whole filming and recording process upon the require-ments of the client.

We can provide all technical support like Cameras, crowns,Vans, Mobile studio etc, with the necessary staff including production manager and assistants.

Catering services for the video and audio crew.

Hospitality services, like hotel booking etc, if needed.

Our partners are professionals with huge experience in recording and filming LIVE events all over Europe (from music to sport events, formula and motorcross).


We undertake the marketing campaigns for the event as well as the PR management

  • Print Marketing
  • Digital promotion
  • Design Services (logo services, flyer and poster design, etc.)
  • Local and Inrternational Press
  • VIP services and site events for Press and Media, Sponsors and special Guests.