SCORPIONS in Athens – Press Conference

Scorpions for two days in Athens! Giving a big press conference at the Athens Concert Hall on May 22, they declared that their concert in Athens on 16th of July “it is not just a concert but a big cultural event”!

Charming, cheerful and shining more than ever, Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker talked about everything: The special concert at the Panathenaic Stadium of Athens, the collaboration with the Athens State Orchestra, their long and successful international career, and the strong bonds of friendship between the band members.

Present at the press conference was also Stefanos Tsialis, artistic director of the Athens State Orchestra, which will perform for the first time in Greece, some of Scorpions’ greatest hits, with pure symphonic sound.

Klaus Meine told us that the concert in Athens “it is not just a concert but a big cultural event, a special experience not only for the public but also for ourselves, because of the participation of the Athens State Orchestra and of course the marvelous venue where it will take place.” Then Rudolf Schenker added: “We have come to Greece to show the world that we are here in the country where democracy was born. When I was a child, my father, who was fond of philosophy, taught me Plato and Socrates but also the value of a country like Greece “.

This special night, the Athens State Orchestra will open the concert performing with its unique dynamics some great hits of the Scorpions, who will continue rocking… like a hurricane!

“Be prepared for a rock night that will make history!”, they both promised.

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