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Berlin’ brand new and ambitious label RARE EMOTIONS is honoured to present the first English speaking album of Philip (Philippos Pliatsikas), main writer and lead singer of Rock legend band Pyx Lax and one of the most significant artists in Greece for the last 25 years – THE KEY – eleven songs of genuine Vintage Rock with shades of all sorts of Mediterranean music.

Deeply rooting in the traditional forms of his native country on the edge of Europe with influences of many a classic from minimal Pink Floyd arrangements to the smoky rasp of Bob Dylan in his seventies, Philip blends his personal history with the musical currents – the essence of a major local Rock star going global.

A whole slew of shining international notables from all kinds of fields exemplarily stands for THE KEY’s wide musical spectrum! Amonste others „The Godmother of Punk“ Nina Hagen joins Philippos in two unpredictable duets, “Rejoice” with lyrics by Nina and “Save Me”. Legendary Scorpions writer and axe Rudolf Schenker shares his “Love is the Answer” with him. Soulful and ethereal singer Liset Alea joins with “Blue”. The album rounds up with fabulous Norwegian Åse Kleveland, in her characteristic hoarse and direct voice she wonders “Where Should We Go Now”.

Production, arrangements and instrumentations of most of the songs are handled by Nina Hagen Band members Warner Poland and Michael O’ Ryan in their studios in Berlin with additional recordings by Philippos’ Greek companions and collaborators John Skoutaris, Nick Saltas, George Livadas, Haris Michailidis and Alekos Arapis. The latter make up the multinational and multicoloured kolektiva The Border Breakers – Philippos’ current band who created the general sound of THE KEY and will accompany Philip at his upcoming live performances throughout Europe.

Love is the key – love of music THE KEY!

An emotional collaboration across all borders you will rarely forget!

THE KEY official release date is May 30, 2016

Tour Dates in Germany:

  1. June 2016 Düsseldorf, Halle Agiou Apostolou Andrea
  2. June 2016 Frankfurt, Titus Forum
  3. June 2016 Berlin, Kesselhaus

Press contact:


c/o Robin 4 Arts GmbH Berlin


phone: +49 151 6710 1478

Rare Emotions Announces the New Concept Album “The Change of the Nous” by TKG

Rare Emotions is happy to announce the release of the full-length concept album by TKG, titled “The Change of the Nous”, available worldwide on May, 2016.

“The Change of the Nous” is a concept album from the 3 brothers band TKG. It deals with the path that leads from the search of the inner equilibrium and peace, to the conscious decision of the change of the nous and the invisible war that follows. The compositions are balanced mostly between the progressive rock and the electro/dubstep idioms. The extended use of the fretless guitar gives a special world/ethnic touch, while cinematic compositions with soprano/choir parts and 2 electro swing tracks complete the wide musical spectrum of this project.

You can make it yours now via iTunes (https://goo.gl/oZfHbl), Amazon (http://goo.gl/H7bVo1) or Google Play (https://goo.gl/zaD9e1 )