Philippos Pliatsikas

Pop Rock Singer | Songwriter

Philippos was born in Athens and has been involved in music since the age of 12.

From 1989 he was a founding member & soul of the most popular band in Greece “PIX LAX”.

His solo career since 2004 has been equally impressive and his albums continue to reach 9 gold and 17 platinum sales.

On his musical journey he has collaborated with artists like R.E.M., Sting, Eric Burdon, Marc Almond, Steve Wynn, Gordon Gano, Loop Guru, I Muvrini, Nits, Liset Alea, Haroula Alexiou, Nina Hagen, Rudolf Schenker and many more. Philippos has appeared in many concerts both in Greece and abroad and continues to do so.

In the spring of 2007, Philippos releases one of his most successful albums to date in his personal career called “Omnia”. This platinum album put Philippos in a higher league in terms of his live performances.

In 2011 Pix Lax reunited. This was the case as it broke the record of the most ticket sales ever sold by Greek artists. The highlights of the tour were in the Olympic Stadium in Athens which had an audience of 80.000 people and in the Kaftatsogleio Stadium in Thesaloniki with an audience of 50.000 people. The Pix Lax tour came to an end with three shows in USA (New York, Chicago, Boston) and one in Canada (Toronto)

In September 2013 Philippos created a unique project called “The Other Side of Greece”. His will of presenting to the world the positive and creative side of his country through these rough years. “The Other Side of Greece” is a mix of music, acting and poetry. The first part of the European tour completed with great success visiting London (The Forum), Brussels (Cirque Royal), Amsterdam (Arena Hall), Paris (Le Gibus), Dusseldorf () and Berlin (Huxleys), performing in sold out shows with special guests Gordon Gano (The Violent Femmes), Liset Alea (Nouvelle Vague), Nits, George Corraface, Theo Alexander (True Blood), Petroloukas Chalkias, Maraveyias Illegal and many more…

Now is the time to move one step forward. “TheKey” will be an album which will represent a brand new era to Philip’s music presented to the “world”. This album’s higher aim is to reach people in countries and cultures all over the world and unite them under the eye of the most powerful weapon…music!

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