Europe’s most challenging Music Competition is starting now under the auspices of Rudolf Schenker – SCORPIONS, promising a grand finale in Berlin, on November 2018!

EUROCK MARATHON is a pan-European live music competition, which is open to upcoming bands or solo artists from all European countries that deal with all styles of rock music such as Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Metal, Pop-Rock, Electro-Rock, Alternative, Garage, Progressive, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues-Rock, etc.

It serves as an open platform for European musicians to present their repertoire to a dedicated audience and gives the opportunity for recognition and a chance to be noticed by music industry professionals. The winners of the competition, through the label of EUROCK MARATHON, will have personal contact with record companies’ executives, presidents, A&R reps, etc, in order to get guidance, advice and networking opportunities.

Through the common language of music, EUROCK MARATHON aims to bring young people from all European countries closer together by “shattering” the borders and help creating with music the essential “European Union”.

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